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"As Saxvik’s bearded, loose-limbed Teddy settles in, he is immensely, effortlessly endearing. He moves expressively and without pretense and is generous in his laughter; the bond between him and Elizabeth builds with warmth, candor, and easy understatement. “You were a gift,” Elizabeth tells Teddy. When Teddy, visibly moved, responds, “Well, that’s good,” it’s all he needs to say." -Portland Phoenix

"This is a bare-bones production in a tiny theater, but the cast and the director, Chris Henry, give it texture and depth…the saddest moment of all is Pat’s (Saxvik) entrance in the penultimate scene. His hands are bandaged just like his father’s." -NY Times

"As Teddy, Saxvik is charmingly clueless about Elizabeth’s illness but his portrayal is so heartfelt that it’s impossible not to love the irresponsible musician. It is through Saxvik’s open and engaging performance that the audience learns of Elizabeth’s difficult childhood and accessing her emotionally." -Bangor Daily News

Saxvik with Maureen Butler
"Complications from a Fall"
Portland Stage
Saxvik with The Hollows
Irving Plaza, NYC August 2017

"One unit bursting with energy... [a] lovechild of twangy desert rock and The Handsome Family at an Appalachian jamboree." – Glide Magazine

"[It] travels sonically on a different plane... 'It's A Beautiful Day' meets Southern rock meets bluegrass meets boot stomping Americana." – No Depression

"The spastic vocals, the pounding bass, the slide guitar and the full sounding keyboards all come together for a hootenanny of the best kind." – Pancakes and Whiskey

"Rich, diverse, and charming... a unique spark hard to match with anyone else." – Paste Magazine

"A smorgasbord of musical talent." – The Huffington Post

"All heart and soul... the band has an unforgettable live chemistry." – Baeble Music

"A melodic, fiery hoedown." – The Deli Magazine

"For those of you into the folk sound of yesteryear, The Hollows shoot you forward into the present with one of the most lively and energetic shows from any artist in New York City.  You'll sing, dance, and become best friends with everyone in the room (including the band)."  – WNOW 92.3 FM

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