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"The Line Between", produced by Hope College, has received NATIONAL recognition by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival!  Including:

-2018 Outstanding Production of a Devised Work

-2018 Distinguished Performance and Production Ensemble

-2018 Distinguished Director(s) of a New Work


In addition to his performance career, Erik is a passionate teacher and theatre maker.  He has devised multiple projects for theatre as an actor and director, most notably "To the Oars" with Semi:Theatre for The Internationalists collective and "The Line Between" for Hope College with his writing partner, Daniel Kwiatkowski.  "The Line Between" was developed by Saxvik, Kwiatkowski and a cast of 17 students over a two month period.  It used the traditional "Hero's Journey" template as described by Joseph Campbell to create a narrative addressing equity, women's empowerment, inclusion and a thematic exploration about the borders that we draft in our lives.  The show was produced at Hope College in April 2017 and was subsequently invited to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region III in Indianapolis, IN, January 2018.

"The Line Between"
(photos: E. Alberg)
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